Are athletes given evaluations?

No. We heavily encourage the campers to interact and communicate with their coaches. This communication should provide honest feedback as well as suggested areas of improvement. Although there is no guarantee, we hope that the coaches offer to be references for the players that they have overseen at camp to schools of their appropriate level.

Is there an information session discussing the college recruiting process?

Yes. There will be a college coaches' panel for campers to ask questions regarding the college recruitment process and the overall college experience. The camp set-up gives the college coaches in attendance an opportunity to get a comprehensive evaluation of a player on and off the field throughout the week.

How much does the camp cost?

$695 per camper (Includes a $200 non-refundable deposit). The price includes all instruction, room and board, and a ball.

Who will be coaching us at camp?

Coaches at MASA are a combination of college coaches and college players. A list of coaches is located under the staff tab.

Where will I stay during camp?

Everyone attending the camp will stay on the Johns Hopkins campus in college residence halls. Campers will eat on campus in the cafeteria.

Is there a room deposit?

All campers are required to pay a $50 room deposit upon arrival. All room key deposits should be in the form of check, which will be ripped up or returned at the end of the session if the room key is returned by the camper and the room is left in good condition.

What to Bring?

Assumption of Risk Waiver (See Documents)

Required Items
- Soccer Shoes (be sure to break in your shoes before camp if they are new)
- Shorts, Shirts & Socks (2/day)
- Shin Guards
- Equipment Bag
- Pillow & Linens (sheets for twin bed)
- Towel & Toiletries
- Alarm Clock
- Insurance Card

Suggested Items
- Sunscreen
- Snack Bar Money

It is important to physically prepare in advance!

The Mid Atlantic Soccer Academy is designed for the development of players who are serious about the game. To accomplish this, the majority of the day will be spent on fields in either training or game simulations. To get the most out of the academy, it is essential that you report to camp physically fit and prepared to work hard in order to achieve your goals. Failing to heed this advice will increase the chance of injury and simply mean you will be unable to maintain the same level as your opponents.