Dear Coach Appleby,

As a participant in the Mid Atlantic Soccer Academy, I want to thank you for an outstanding soccer experience. The coaching and drills were excellent. Time was managed well allowing for a lot of touches on the ball. There was, also, a good mix of players from different states. I would highly recommend the Mid Atlantic Soccer Academy to teammates and friends.

Dear Coach,

    Thank you for coaching me at the Mid Atlantic Soccer Academy.  I had a great time and really enjoyed working with you.  I feel the camp helped not only with my soccer skills, but also the thought process that makes the use of those skills helpful in a game situation.

Hello Coach,
Looking back on the four days I spent at the Mid Atlantic Soccer Academy, I realize that I worked harder and learned more at that camp than at any other soccer camp I've attended. I appreciate the organization and the hard work you and the other coaches put into making the camp successful.